Friday, 6 January 2012

Getting Beyond The Label

I recently re-joined Susan's Place -
If you haven't already, you can find a large resource of trans related info and an extensive forum.  I get tired of things easily that aren't integrally important to me, which covers a lot, hence the leaving and returning. I see that the age average at the forums (at least among the recurring posters) must be below thirty and perhaps pushing even towards 25. So it goes.

I tend to be a ravenous study when it comes to digital information - when I sus out people I check all their stuff they've posted, check their websites, creative info etc. If I want I spend more time and sometimes comment and connect etc. BTW I'm not a sociopath or lurker of any kind - I'm definitely not that interested in people's natures - I am however a studier of sociopathology which is entirely another subject. The thing is, I am quintessential with my online research. I crossed the boundary of end user on the web when I first came in contact with http in the mid nineties. In fact the actual event that struck me, branded me to the beyond end user status was when I made my first ftp connection and uploaded a web page. That was it - it was like the first time I saw a print come up in a developer tray... nuther story again.

Anyway, that all being said - I believe that youth on Susan's and in many places on the web tend to miss essential truths, which is a comment in itself. Here is a few words by a poster on Susan's who like myself, being a little older, had a few important words to say. It was on a busy thread and no one paid notice or commented. I think that her words bear repeating, in fact I made a jpeg and for now it sits on my desktop as a reminder... Here it is.

On another note: I had great fortune yesterday - I scored two pairs of boots at Wallyworld for a combined total of under fifty bux, and in the mall as well - a Kobo Touch for $119 (20 bux off). I find the Kobo to be excellent for what it is - I have no interest in a multipurpose tablet of any kind - I just wanted a decent ereader which this is. I also began reformatting some epub books I have that were formatted with 0 margin width. It's pretty easy, and I'm sure I'll be offering to compile ebooks for writers soon. (besides making my own). I also took delivery on a new scanner yesterday - an Epson V600 which scans negatives as well. I researched a lot over the last few years waiting for just the right thing.  So, I'm a pretty happy gal.

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